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Food Brands On Amazon
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Listing Optimization
Write listing copy that sells and create an effective brand strategy for Amazon.
Enforcing Distribution
Stop unauthorized sellers and MAP violators from ruining your brand.
Strategic Growth
Understand the key components of increasing sales on Amazon.com.
"If you're a skeptic, hear me out. I just counted 22 emails between Shannon and I. Shannon is the main guy behind eComBootcamps. It was mostly me probing him about the value that will come from attending the boot camp and what makes this different from all the other events, and unlimited paid/free online resources. I own super small business who's running as lean as possible since I bootstrapped just over a year ago. I gotta make every dollar count.

Needless to say, I did attend and it was worth every dime. The last time I felt this good about a purchase was when I got my apple-airpods, but this one will certainly appreciate/compound over time. The speakers were some of the best in their game and weren't shy about sharing some of their secrets. All super down to earth people with a passion for helping people like myself and very likely, whoever is reading this review. I've been thinking about listing my product on amazon for months, and I finally feel confident about the road ahead. Between the knowledge, connections, insight, real live data, and resources I'm continuing to gain after the event, I am SOOOO glad I decided to attend. "
Stay Mellow, 
- Mike Choyama, Mellow Rooster
"Shannon is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Amazon. I’ve worked with a number of Amazon-specific agencies and none of them come to the table with the breadth of knowledge and understanding that Shannon does when it comes to Amazon. In fact, since starting to work with him in January of this year we have seen our monthly Amazon sales rise 400%+. Highly recommend that any and all marketers and business executives hear what Shannon has to say!” 
- Denise Day, Good Day Chocolate
Daniela Bolzmann
Mindful Goods
"Successful Branding on Amazon"
Daniela is a marketing leader with 10+ years of experience in developing high-growth launch strategies for startups and brands. She is focused on supporting passionate entrepreneurs and has helped multiple clients achieve 9x sales through brand storytelling.
Shannon Roddy
Marketplace Seller Courses
"Outstanding Seller Reputation"
Shannon has provided expert Amazon consulting to over 85 brands in the past 6 years and developed effective strategies that are used internationally. He founded Marketplace Seller Courses to help brand owners start and grow their businesses on Amazon.
Joe Kovacs
Brand Guarde
"Effective Distribution Enforcement"
Joe is the co-founder of Brand Guarde, an agency specializing in identifying and removing unauthorized resellers on marketplaces like Amazon. He is passionate about helping brands develop the right strategy, policies, and tools to take control of their brands.
Jun Harada
"Unlocking Social Media Growth"
As  director of social media Jun helped publishing conglomerate Condé Naste become one of the largest social media content providers, currently delivering over 5,000 unique videos each year and generating over 1 billion views per month.
Faith Rumer
Marketplace Seller Courses
"Delectable Product Descriptions"
Faith is an extraordinary copywriter who has been creating copy for brands selling on Amazon for the past three years. Her work with food brands has given her unique insight into crafting listings that both include SEO for search as well as optimization for conversions.
Andrew Morgans
 "Crushing Amazon Campaigns"
Andrew is a leading brand accelerator. In his first two years as an eCommerce manager he grew his respective brands by over $1 million each. Marknology has worked with over 220 brands on Amazon since 2013 and manages sales of over $50 million+ annually.
"The Marknology team is amazing to work with. Andrew's expertise in growing brands on Amazon coupled with his teams ability to work fast and effectively has really moved the needle for our food brand. Andrew's general business knowledge is also critical in connecting the dots of our overall goals in the food and beverage industry to the role that Amazon has in helping us achieve those goals.” 
- Robert Landers, Mis' Rubin's Seasonings
“The eComBootcamps was a day very well spent. Learned a lot from folks that obviously know their stuff! Would highly recommend”
- Nick Ault
Liz Fickenscher
Liz Fickenscher has been Industry Liaison for eComEngine since August of 2016. Liz creates strategic partnerships while offering useful and actionable information and connections in order to help guide clients success on Amazon.com.

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Food Brands On Amazon Conference
  • Listing Optimization - Write listing copy that sells and create an effective brand strategy for Amazon.
  • Enforcing Distribution​- Stop unauthorized sellers and MAP violators from ruining your brand.
  • Strategic Growth - Understand the key components of increasing sales on Amazon.com.
  • 6 Amazing Speakers + Expert Q& Section answering tons of Audience Questions.
  • Online Q & A section - Have a question for one of the speakers? Ask it inside the course.
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